Homeprise 3D LIVING


New! Sansiri Family in partnership with 3D Home Prise.
Let you decorate your room with the newest 3D technology. 
In your own style at manageable budget.

What you can do with 3D Living technology?

1. No need to use a designer Decorate you room as you wish online, no need an interior designer!
2. Know the price of furniture before buying every piece, so you can control the budget yourself.
3. Do not waste time measuring the area, the 3D Living technology measures it for you.
4. Choose to decorate the entire studio, bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, living room in your own style.

Exclusive for Sansiri Family when spending
Above 30,000 THB Central Voucher valued 1,000 THB
Above 100,000 THB Xiaomi Air Purifier valued 5,990 THB
Above 150,000 THB Google Home valued 7,490 THB
Above 200,000 THB Samsung Smart TV 40 inch valued 11,990 THB

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